Valentin Yotkov, Designer  / Silversmith. Reviving chasing and repoussé in art metals



As your apprentice, I can not let this tradition end. Just as you spoke of your teacher, I will speak of mine.

You are a wonderful person and by far the Best teacher I have been blessed to have. You are the most humble Master and present yourself as "one of us" even though you are mountains above.

Thank you for all that you have taught me and all that you will continue to teach me about moving metal and making it look so beautiful. Your support and generosity of sharing knowledge are immeasurable.

I also thank you for showing me your amazing country. This changed my world. Thank you for letting me into your past and for exposing me to the culture and the people who are such a big part of who you are today. "

Sharon Fosko, Summit New Jersey
     "And how well you deserve homage yourself, Valentin. I hold you in great fondness for all that you are. I was first struck with how kind and gentle you are. Or maybe it was how talented you are. Or perhaps it was how charming, fun to be with. Or even how good-looking. And what a fabulous teacher, patient, knowledgeable, generous. I think that if we counted how many people genuinely love you the number would be quite astonishing. "
Claudia Rush, San Antonio Texas

     "Dear Master,
Meeting you has made my heart and spirit rich. You are my cherished friend, a wellspring of creativity, and you will always be "der meister" to me. To say "thank you" never seems enough to someone who has selflessly given me a new life."

Stephen Kris, New York, New York


    "Val, you have planted seeds around the world that blossom and spread even as you read this. Because of your passion and drive, your love and mastery of this ancient craft and the joy you exhibit in teaching it, current and future generations will master and spread this almost lost art even farther. Beautifully done Valentin. Thank you for sharing your gift with us."

David Snipper, Berkeley, California

     Thank you for being such an inspiration and driving catalyst in my pursuit of artistic expression! Thanks for being such a good friend and mentor. You have given my metalsmithing a destination! A place where I can go to, within myself. Not everyone is so lucky."

- Billie Lim, Goldsmith, New York, New York

     "In twenty years as a metalsmith, I don't think I have ever been as impressed with a teacher in a short time as I was with Valentin Yotkov."
- Elizabeth McDevitt, Colorado Springs, Colorado
       "An outstanding teacher, artist and individual."
- Charles E. Salvage, New York, New York

    "Valentin is an Old World Master. His wisdom and artistic spirit are inspiration for all of us. His passion for the Art of chasing is contagious."


   "Valentin's deep love for this craft is infectious and addictive and I am hooked on chasing and repoussé. You know you've stumbled onto something special when you meet other students who have become dear friends and disciples of this man."

- Donna E. Shimazu, Kailua, Hawaii

     "Valentin, what a great teacher you are! You have opened my eyes to a new wonder, joy and bliss. My experiences in your class were nothing short of life altering. It is as though everything I have learned about metal so far has been to prepare me for this very technique."

- Ronda Coryell, San Francisco, California
     "Amazing! Never a discouraging word. Cheerful, skilled, present, helpful, aware of each student's progress and needs."
- Keith Berge, Rochester, Minnesota.
     "The best! What a great instructor, artist and person. I am truly privileged to have studied with such a great Master."
- Sam Woehrmann, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
     "Thanks so much Valentin for your generosity both of spirit and craft - I feel like you've given me an amazing gift."
- Lauren Krouk Wagner, Hadley, Massachusetts
     "It is common knowledge, Valentin, that you are a true Master Silversmith and Artist. To watch you work is a treat. But what I find equally impressive is your warmth, friendship and pleasure in seeing your students succeed."
- Joan Baras, Jewelry Designer, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
     "Valentin's knowledge and skill are unsurpassed both as an artist and a teacher."
- Meredith Beau, Little Rock, Arkansas